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Put 30 years of business experience on your side -- for FREE.

Are you starting a new business or already operating a business that's run into a new challenge?

We’ve seen it before.
You want your own business.  The time is right.  You have the skills.  But you still have some nagging questions you’d like to settle before taking that big step.
You’ve been in business for some time, but things aren’t working out the way you planned.  The numbers are down. Customers aren’t returning.  Employees are not as enthusiastic as you’d like.  Your gut instinct says something isn’t quite right.

Talk to someone who’s been there.

Help is going to take street smarts.  Experience.  Broad experience.  Counselors at SCORE of Michigan's GREAT Southwest average 30 years in the business world.  Some are still sharing their knowledge and experience on boards of directors, as semi-retired executives or as college instructors.
Chances are a SCORE counselor has faced the exact challenge you face today -- the exact challenge that could use some added perspective.

Can 30 years of business experience help? It sure can’t hurt when it’s free.

An old maxim says “people only use advice that they pay for”.  We’ve found many people listen to advice they get for free, if it’s logical and based on actual experience.
You choose the time, the area of concern you’d like to discuss and the number of sessions -- dozens of times with one team, or once or twice with a variety of teams.  (SCORE counselors work in pairs.)  We’ll do whatever we can to get your business on a healthy, profitable track.

Business knowledge is yours for the asking.
“Experience” is what you’ll get if you don’t ask.

All it takes is an hour of your time, a willingness to be candid, and a willingness to listen.  Every session is free.
You get the idea -- a broad pool of experience for local business owners to draw from at absolutely no charge.

SCORE of Michigan's GREAT Southwest is part of a national nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth, and success of the nation's small business.  Our dozen or so SCORE volunteers are real-world professionals with time-tested knowledge.  We donate time to share our knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, sales, management, and business plans (and other areas of business) to help your business succeed.

If you are in the Berrien, Van Buren or Cass county, there's no reason we can't help your business as well. 
Why not call and arrange a time to talk to a SCORE counselor team?  One hour could put you 30 years ahead in experience.

We work out of two offices and, if appropriate, can visit your place of business to add on-site evaluation.
Our main offices are provided by Cornerstone Alliance in Benton Harbor:  phone 269-925-6100
In South Haven, call the Greater South Haven Chamber of Commerce at 269-637-5171

Either location can be reached by email at:

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